The school time is about to begin and we are super excited for that!

LetterSchool app is a great educational material that is meant to turn kids’ learning process into fun and interactive adventure. So make sure you continuously give your children the joy of fun writing. But there are still many way to enhance this experience!

Here are some of our ideas how to transfer letters’ knowledge from digital to offline, also in a fun and family friendly way:

1. Use post-its or piece of paper and write down every new word your child has learned with LetterSchool. You can put them in a jar and after he or she is done with the entire alphabet, you can play a game of picking one random card every day. How about drawing a dragon?

2. Similarly to the previous idea, you can create a jar in which your child can store each new word he or she learned. You can then create a ritual of checking all the new words collected at week’s end.

3. So your kid has learned a new letter! That’s exciting! Let’s now try to find this letter all over your house! How many ‘Bs’ can you spot in the kitchen? Butter? Bread? Bottle?

4. LetterSchool app is a great way to memorize and learn the correct tracing direction of each letter but we still encourage you to transfer this new knowledge onto paper. For this purpose we created ABCedary – our coloring book that helps children remember all the letters of the alphabet. You can download LetterSchool ABCedary for free here as a pdf file. You can then print it and supervise your child’s learning and manual development. It’s really fun!