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Child playing LetterSchool on the IpadChild playing LetterSchool on the Ipad
Trusted by thousands of parents and schools

In your own time, at your own pace.

LetterSchool allows kids to develop their linguistic skills and abilities through a stimulating and unique educational journey. The intuitive, engaging, and interactive platform creates the perfect blend of education and entertainment!

An engaging learning method

LetterSchool for Schools is developed according to your country’s curriculum. The learning method combines different interactive and engaging approaches, providing retention and ensuring the foundation of children’s literacy.

A variety of font styles

LetterSchool offers three font styles in English. You can easily switch between Handwriting Without Tears, Zaner-Bloser, and D’Nealian and teach your students according to your program.

A proven method to learn how to write and spell!

LetterSchool’s simple, consistent method is recommended and used by parents, teachers, and occupational therapists. LetterSchool extensive practice, divided into three steps ensures that the child’s knowledge of letters and numbers settles.

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Trusted by thousands of parents and schools

Recommended by teachers and occupational therapists

"LetterSchool was forwarded by our schools resource teacher and it is amazing for helping students learn to identify upper- and lowercase letters, their corresponding sounds and also numbers. It allows the kids to practise the proper writing formation for the letters and numbers as well. We use the Handwriting Without Tears setting as this is the program we use in class."

Mrs. K’s Kinder Korner

"LetterSchool is a great way for a teacher to make sure all kids are forming letters properly when their eyes can't be on all hands at once. Kids move from watching the letter formed, to tracing the letter, to free-writing the letter themselves."

"What a Fantastic Job these Developers Did! A handwriting lesson the fun way! Extremely enticing for kids and filled with colors, stars and praise. Certainly this is an app that should be in all preschool and kindergarten classes! This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!"

Best Apps for Kids

"By far one of the best letter writing applications I have ever seen!!! I will go so far as to say Occupational Therapist Approved!!!! It offers visually stimulating, interactive letter writing with excellent and accurate letter sequence formation plans! It prevents you from making formation errors, reinforces your successes and gives you help automatically when you need it! It allows you to pick Zaner Bloser, D’Nealian or Handwriting Without Tears style writing for uppercase & lowercase letters and numbers! Wow just Wow. I’m so impressed!! Get it now I guarantee you WON’T be disappointed!!!!! Enjoy!!"

Child’s Play Clinic

"A great app that allows for modelled, guided and independent upper case, lower case and number tracing. Highly engaging graphics and sound. A hit with my students."

Appolicious’ Curated Apps

"This is educational technology as it should be! LetterSchool is a “best of the bunch” letter learning and handwriting app that will keep kids coming back for more. Subtle audio clues help kids learn the correct way to form letters. Simple animations boost the replay value. Teachers and occupational therapists will love the fact that they can designate lower or upper case letters (or numbers) as well as choose from three handwriting learning programs."


Here's answers to our most common questions

For what ages is LetterSchool suitable?

LetterSchool is tailored to individual use by kids from three to eight years of age. Its didactic approach works wonderfully at home, in the classroom, in the car, or on the back of a camel.

There aren't any instructions? How do kids know what to do?

LetterSchool guides a player by providing subtle yet highly effective visual and auditory feedback when it intelligently detects that he or she needs a hand. There’s no reading required. Tip: don’t forget to turn on your device’s sound.

What are the packages for schools?

LetterSchool currently offers only on iOS (LetterSchool – Block Letters). Schools can buy LetterSchool through School Manager from Apple.

For what grades is Letterschool suitable?

LetterSchool is designed to support multiple grades; from pre-K, kindergarten, and through grade one to three. The handwriting levels are generally for the younger grades and the spelling levels for older grades.

How much does it cost per student?

Student Licenses are sold for $9.99 per student. If you order more than 20 licenses, you will get a 50% discount.

Why aren't the letters written between lines?

No, we left them out intentionally. Primarily, a young child needs to learn correct letter shapes before having to worry about fitting them between lines. Read more here

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Child playing LetterSchool on the IpadChild playing LetterSchool on the Ipad